Halftime IS game time.

I am determined to write here more. My goal is generally one post a month, but I have so much more to say that more than one post a month may be necessary. Also, I’m just going to get this our there now: I love writing in bullet points. I’m not the best with transitions and so to help me avoid that awkwardness, I just use bullet points.

  • Acting class at Art’s Sake has started back up again. This time, I’m in Advanced Intensive. The first night was last night, Sunday. I was actually pretty nervous. There were so many people that I only vaguely knew or didn’t know at all. Only two people from my last class (Alex and Dennis). Alex and I ended up doing a California cold read together using a scene from the HBO show ‘Girls’. It went well. He was gay, I was outraged, we’d have done Lena Dunham proud.
    • In AI, we get to choose a movie, play, or a TV series to spread out over several weeks. Earlier last year, I did a scene in a different class from the movie “Misery”, the one with James Caan and Kathy Bates, and it was just plain awesome. My acting teacher as well as a couple other people in the class whole heartedly approve of me doing this movie as a series. I am so excited about I can’t contain it. Tomorrow night is dedicated to extracting a half dozen or so scenes from the movie so that it makes sense, but not so that I have to perform every single one of Kathy Bates’ character’s lines. But still, I’m so excited!
  • I just passed eight months with my current job. I thought I would never see the day. I keep a draft of an email I wrote on the second day I was there, and the entire thing is basically how bored I was, how frustrated I was with the lack of training, and on and on and on. Now I never have a dull moment, but I feel like I still make a mistake everyday because there’s always something that nobody ever taught me and I end up doing it wrong. I am too much of a perfectionist that if I can avoid messing up that first time, I will.
  • My cat, Elliott, went to vet and was neutered this past weekend. Apparently, he didn’t even really notice. He came home, was his usual bouncy self, and spent a total of zero minutes being lethargic around the house. Good for him.
  • I have come to the complete and unassailable conclusion that, when it comes to guys, there’s something I must be doing very, very wrong. Maybe I just don’t get it? There wasn’t a class for this in college because if there were, I would have definitely taken it. Apparently, I am a great person! An awesome friend! But that’s it. Yay! Friends. Always friends. Guys talk about how awful being friend zoned is. The street works two ways, gentlemen. Ugh, let me take off my greasy fedora and back away from one-person pity party.

Maybe more later. I am so sleep deprived it hurts.

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