Let’s hold off on 2016, okay?

Normally, I am not a two-post per day kind of person. I’m lucky if I can get out two posts per month. But today has been… interesting.

So I obviously had the crazy guy outside thing happen. That ship has pretty much sailed, fortunately. That was not a highlight, let me assure you.

No, what I really want to talk about is my now apparently upcoming ten year high school reunion. I graduated high school in 2006. But people in my graduating class are now already thinking of when and where the reunion should be. I assume the class reunion isn’t until sometime in 2016, and probably not until mid 2016 at the earliest. I cracked open my senior yearbook just to take a look at myself and I swear, I look like I haven’t changed a bit, which is mildly disconcerting. Here’s a list of what I would like to see happen to myself before the reunion:

  1. Mostly importantly: braces OFF. I need this reunion to happen AFTER June 2016. Please.
  2. At least 50 pounds lighter? Which, given that I’m giving myself about 18 months to do this, I see no problem accomplishing it.
  3. Have a modicum of success in the industry, i.e. an agent (or two), paid jobs, and also regularly booking those paid jobs. Should someone see me at the reunion and say, “Hey, I saw you in this thing!”, that would make my life.
  4. This is the least important, so if it happens, great. If it doesn’t, oh well. I would honestly like to go to this thing not single. I was single all through high school and still am up to this point. Maybe I’ll ask a really hot actor friend if I am single because, hey! He’ll be an actor. We can act like we’re dating. Oh, God, that sounds pathetic already.

I just wanted to get this all down, to see what comes of this in the next year and a half. If I was brave, I would start posting progress photos of my teeth, but ew. No. They’re in a stage of awful transition right now and no one, not even me, wants to see that. So maybe just the finished product…

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