An apple a day keeps everyone away if it’s thrown hard enough.

Another aspect of my life that I don’t discuss is when and why I go to the doctor. I now see some kind of doctor every month, at least. Sometimes twice. Basically, I see my orthodontist every six weeks and my primary care physician every six weeks to three months, depending on what’s going on. Anything outside of that is an emergency (like the time I got hit in the head with a softball last year).

This morning I had to go to my PCP to get blood drawn for my actual doctor appointment that’s in two weeks. I have notoriously difficult veins to find inside my elbows so they usually draw it from somewhere else. Last time, it was from my right bicep, which was not very painful for me at all, but apparently very difficult for them. This time, they went the opposite route: they did what was easy for them and (very, very) painful for me. They took it out of the inside of my right wrist. There will most definitely be a bruise. I’m going to look like I’m a cutter or that I’m some kind of strange heroine addict. Delightful.

When I go back for that follow up appointment in two weeks, I’m probably going to bring up that every single thing I eat makes me weirdly sick. If you’ve been around me in the past couple months, maybe you notice that I have to visit the ladies’ room a lot for the relatively short amount of time we’re hanging out. That’s not normal for me.¬†Sorry if that’s a bit TMI but that’s the best explanation I can give at the moment.

This acting class I’m in, Advanced Intensive, is not exactly difficult, but I feel strange about being in there. Because I am still an ‘unknown entity’ or some such thing, I’m not exactly popular. I had to practically beg the guy who is my series partner to do it with me, and I feel like I’ve given him practically nothing to do. It’s just incredibly frustrating right now. But the series that I’ve decided to do, I am in love with it. It’s what keeps me going in this class. It also has really helped me get out and work through any anger I have toward anyone or anything. This character, I feel like labeling her as psychotic isn’t completely right. She’s extraordinarily passionate and obsessed with a book series and the author that writes it, for sure. Maybe deranged is better. Unhinged. Maybe sociopath is a more accurate word. She pretends to care about other people so that they will return that affection¬†until they stop caring, and then she has no use for them anymore. It’s a case of “If I can’t have your love/affection/attention, then no one can” which then leads her to take drastic measures to secure that she is the last for them. I’m just excited for how deeply I’m going to scare the daylights out of people when I do the rest of this series. This character, Annie Wilkes, she isn’t just a character. She’s like a second skin. You can’t just ‘step in’ to character. You have to put her on, let her just take over for a bit. It’s almost what I imagine demonic possession to be like, only in this case I control when and where the demon appears. It’s scary how much fun it is, truly.

I had planned for there to be a last paragraph here about my job and how incredibly frustrating I’ve become over this past week, but just thinking about it sends me into a small depression. To summarize it, on Monday evening, two of my bosses (we’ll call them Supreme Overlord and Benevolent King) sat me down and told me a few things that I could improve on for 2015. Apparently I am doing a great job. However, if my emails could sound a little less mildly insubordinate and if I could do things the first time asked while still making my bosses aware of any conflicts (which is a contradiction I pointed out that they didn’t know what to do with). I didn’t leave this meeting happy, at all. But it was all on overtime, so I’m fine with getting paid $20 to sit there and listen to you for almost an hour. This is why I do yoga now.

Something else job related… I get to go back to Dallas in April. I brought it up to Benevolent King that this trip was coming up and since I schedule all airline flights, who should I schedule to go? I already knew it was going to be me, but he confirmed it. So hurray, the second week of April, I get to fly to Dallas again. This will be my third trip there. I treat each of these things like a small vacation now. I get to fly, I get to sleep in a nice hotel, and I get paid to learn new things and hang out with awesome people. I am okay with all of that.

This coming weekend is a Tampa weekend. I’m driving over Friday evening, going to Gasparilla on Saturday (which I’ve never been to!), watch the Super Bowl on Sunday while praying the Pats lose massively hard, and then Monday getting my car fixed at Toyota. Well, not really fixed. It just needs a couple new hubcaps and an oil change. And a bath. Definitely a bath. Maybe a vacuum too if I’m feeling generous. I do love clean cars.

Next time, if I remember, I’ll draft up nicknames for everyone in the office along with small descriptions. Supreme Overlord didn’t get the Machiavelli joke I made once, and I kept randomly giggling about it for a week. I told him, straight to his face, “How Machiavellian of you.” And he then cocks his head, purses his lips a bit and goes, “Thanks.”

Maybe he did get it after all…

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