Doubt is like water; it’ll seep in everywhere if you let it.

Acting is hard.

My acting class last night was extremely stressful. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m doing the movie Misery, which is based off of a Stephen King novel by the same name. I thought playing a crazy character would be relatively straight-forward. It isn’t.

The person who is my scene partner through out the entire thing is a well-known and respected actor through out the acting studio I am a part of. He’s excellent in every scene he’s in so I feel as if all of the pressure is on me. I have the most lines, I have to get all the blocking down, I’m the one that has the craziest, widest range of emotion to go through. Everything is on me. And it’s exhilarating, and terrifying.

Now, if only my scene partner liked me, personally. Because I don’t think he does. David is generally a very outgoing person when you see him interact with other people. But with me… not so much. Maybe it’s because I’m not exactly an outgoing person to begin with. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I’m not even sure why I need David to like me. I guess I just have something to prove.

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