When Method acting saves your own sanity.

Tomorrow is the scene of all scenes.

I am performing the scene from Misery where Annie Wilkes breaks Paul Sheldon’s ankles with a sledgehammer while he is tied to a bed. Seriously.

I can’t seem to really form coherent thoughts right now around the actual scene. I have the scene memorized, of course, but I can no longer focus on the ‘how’ of acting it. My psyche can’t deal with it at the moment. I’ve had to compartmentalize the character of Annie and my own personality.

There are a few things that are definitely going to happen tomorrow during the scene:

  1. I am going to scare the shit out of my scene partner, David.
  2. I am going to actually hit David, but it won’t hurt.
  3. He is going to scream in very realistic pain.
  4. I will lose my sanity by the end of tomorrow night.

I’ve taken what’s essentially a pool noodle, cut it in half, and painted it brown. It looks like a bat. I’m going to actually hit him with it. But it won’t hurt. It will help him know when to scream. Just thinking about the idea of this guy screaming in pain just feet away from me freaks me out so badly.

In the end, I have to remind myself that I am actually capable of doing this, that I trust the people who I’m working with, who are watching, and in myself. The rest will just come.

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