How to Deal

Have you ever wished that some people came with a set of instructions? Do this, don’t do that, never bring up this topic ever again. That kind of thing. It’d be handy, right?

Unfortunately, the only way you can find out about this unwritten manual is through trial and error. However, I am perfectly willing to give everyone a somewhat brief list of How to Deal… with me.

  • I am not big on being touched. Generally, I do like hugs, especially from friends. Those I can do with no problem. But being touched by complete strangers, and even the small touch on the arm/shoulder/back from acquaintances is not okay.
  • It’s a little unbelievable how much of a romantic I am. I can come off as this kind of introverted, scared little kid, but start talking about some cute movie ending you liked or their proposal/wedding/adorable date they had and I am all over that. I love happy endings.
  • Ignore the resting bitch face. I think I was born with it. My face gives away all my emotions so when I’m angry, it will be obvious.
  • There are going to be stretches of time where I probably won’t initiate talking to you. It could be a few days or a couple weeks. I just get really caught up in the routine of my daily life and I forget to talk to people outside of work/immediate family sometimes. Please don’t get offended. I’m not ignoring you.
  • In that vein of not ignoring you, I am pretty good at texting back in a short time period. Therefore, if you text me, and I don’t reply for more than 24 hours, a couple of things have happened: I am actually ignoring you, and I probably saw your text the minute you sent it and just don’t care to reply. Another possibility: my phone is dead/temporarily lost. That almost never happens and if it does, I will tell you when I get to text you back. And then we’d go on talking like normal.
  • I don’t hold grudges against other people. I just don’t. I had a friend who held on to them like they were the most precious things in her life and it made her difficult to be around. I try not to hold things against people, not matter how big or small. The energy to do so is not worth it.
  • Unintentionally, I’m rather arrogant about my intelligence. I’m pretty smart and I know it. Because of this, I’m right. A lot. I can admit that I have been wrong on occasion, but seriously, it doesn’t happen often. But this attitude comes of as extraordinarily pretentious and cocky. I know this and I want to curb this, but I don’t know how. I cultivate little pieces of knowledge and I tend not to speak on a subject unless I’m, well, right.
  • For me, confidence and self-esteem are not two sides of the same coin. They aren’t even the same currency for me. I spend them in different ways. I can’t spend self-esteem on myself because I don’t have access to that bank account for some reason. However, for you, I will help you believe you can rival God in the power that you could potentially posses. My confidence is astounding sometimes though. I know my limits. I know how long of a script I can memorize at one time or how far I can run. I try not to sell myself short, confidence-wise.
  • Don’t tell me to ‘take the next step’ with a guy. I am the poster-child of ladies in the friend zone. It happens every single time to me. I’m just too easy to be friends with. It took me so long to accept this, and now that I have, there isn’t really any going back. My internal mantra is “I would rather be friends than be nothing”. So if that means I have to watch a guy date someone else, that’s fine. Because what happens (and this really has happened), is that we are still friends to this day while that girl is now an ex and they don’t even speak. Who do you think is happier in the end?
  • I love being organized and making plans. My favorite part of my job is the schedule I get to manage every day. Therefore, when I say that I can’t do something because I already have plans, that’s not just a line. I really most likely do, I promise.

That’s really all I can think of. It’s a lot, I know. But people are complicated. So there you have it.

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