CrossFit or Disney?

CrossFit is hard. Really, really hard.

I’m in the process of potentially looking for a CrossFit “box” to join, and despite the fact that it looks and feels like an amazing work out, the price is a little difficult to swallow. We’re talking several hundreds of dollars a month. I did a mini-workout this past Friday that was maybe ten minutes long, and my abs still hurt. And it’s Tuesday now.

I can already tell that CrossFit might not be the best fit for me. The price (the main thing) includes unlimited amount of sessions. What they don’t tell you immediately is that CF is something that they kind of expect you to do almost everyday. I’m way too busy for that, and just not that rich.

Something I have been considering when I started to think what should I better spend my money on is a Disney Annual Pass. I know, you would think I would be over Disney since I’ve lived in Orlando my entire life, but ever since I went last year with a bunch of friends and we didn’t have time to go to the Magic Kingdom, I have been wanting to go back. Plus I loved it. I’ve been doing research on crowd estimates for all the Disney parks, and it looks like right now is the peak season which makes sense. School’s out across the Western world and Disney is incredibly popular. Mid August through December (with the exception of holidays) are much slower. My birthday especially is looking like a really good day to go. But hey! With an annual pass, I could go all. the. time. Bring a book and spend the day in Animal Kingdom, or spend an evening drinking around the world at Epcot (though probably not drinking too hard).

To help justify my thinking, let’s lay the pricing out. The cheapest crossfit box that I’ve come across is $50 for the first month, and then $135 every month after. Therefore, for a year, it would be $50 + 11*$135 = $1535/year. Yeah, that’s right. $1500+ for a year. And again, that is the cheapest.

Now let’s take a look at Disney’s annual pass. The most expensive pass is the Premium Annual Pass. It includes the main 4 parks plus Disney’s two water parks and a bunch of other stuff. You can do a one time payment of $691.19 or use their payment plan of a one time payment of $112.00 plus 12 monthly payments of $48.27. This isn’t even the plan I would use. I don’t really have a desire to use any of Disney’s water parks because in general, I’m not a fan of them. Wet ‘n Wild scarred me for life. The plan I would use is the one right below this, the regular Annual Pass at a total of $563.39. The same initial payment of $112 plus $37.62 per month for 12 months. I can do $40 a month. It’s the same thing as the previous pass, just no water park option. I am cool with that.

So in summary, for a third of the cost of crossfit, I can go to Disney every single day for a year. With free parking. And discounts on stuff. At multiple parks in one day. No black out dates. I really think I’ve just sold myself on this. Screw personal training contracts and outrageous crossfit monthly bills. Let’s go to Disney!

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