I broke me.

Last Tuesday, October 6th, I broke my right collar bone. As in most cases where I hurt myself, I was playing softball.  In short, I was running the bases, the shortstop tried to beat me to second base and he ended up tripping me. I literally went head over heels and landed on my right shoulder.

My favorite part of telling that story is saying that I heard the moment my clavicle broke. It sounded just like when you stretch and crack your back. Seeing people shudder at that gives me a small evil amount of pleasure.

A few things I’ve learned so far from having my right arm and shoulder immobilized:

  1. There is more than one way to do something.  I’ve had to relearn how to get dressed, brush my teeth, feed myself, and turn on my car.
  2. People ask about what happened with a mixture of pity and morbid curiosity. They feel bad when they find out something is broken because surely it hurts, but they always ask how it happened. Always.
  3. Pain makes me grumpy. That’s rather self-explanatory.
  4. I do not like being babied. There is so much I could say about this but thinking about it makes me angry. People truly do not pay attention to what I actually want right now.  They assume I can’t do something anymore or they think I’m in constant pain all the time.

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