The universe through survey

It’s been 670 days since my braces have been installed, and because my mouth hurts from  getting them adjusted, here’s a survey…

Planets: Life

  • Mercury: What’s your full name? Lydia Diane Hubbell
  • Venus: What’s your first language? English
  • Earth: Where’s your home? in my very comfortable bed
  • Mars: What’s your sexuality? I like guys.
  • Jupiter: Do you have any siblings? 2 younger brothers
  • Saturn: Any pets? my cat Elliott
  • Uranus: What’s your hobby? acting, playing softball
  • Neptune: When’s your birthday? Oct 29th
  • Pluto: What time is it right now where you are? 12:54AM EDT
  • Moon: What are you currently studying/hope to study? acting, potentially communication/law/finance/who knows?

Stars: Experiences

  • Sun: Have you ever had alcohol? yes
  • Sirius: Have you ever failed a class? sadly, yes
  • Rigel: Have you ever gone on a roller coaster? yes
  • Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country? yes
  • Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness? yes
  • Betelgeuse: What’s something you can never forget about? both of my grandmothers passing away
  • Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about? my cat
  • Canopus: Have you ever broken a bone? yes
  • Bellatrix: Have you ever been forced to lie/keep a secret? yes
  • Alphard: Have you ever lost a friend? yes
  • Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t? gone to USF for reasons other than my own

Constellations: Favourites

  • Centaurus: Favourite holiday? Christmas
  • Orion: Favourite month? October (duh)
  • Cassiopeia: Favourite book? Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
  • Delphinus: Favourite study? group communication
  • Hercules: Favourite instrument? French horn
  • Gemini: Favourite song? there can never be just one
  • Pegasus: Favourite place to be? the ocean or a big, green park
  • Libra: Favourite color? dark blue
  • Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear? yoga pants
  • Aries: Favourite movie? Pride & Prejudice / Sense & Sensibility, Cinderella
  • Cygnus: Favourite weather? stormy
  • Hydra: Favourite sound? laughter

Galaxies: Love/Friends

  • Milky Way: Who’s your oldest friend? probably Katie, Neli, Emily from college
  • Andromeda: Do you consider yourself social? not really
  • Black Eye Galaxy: Do you believe in love at first sight? not yet
  • Cartwheel Galaxy: When was your first kiss? I was about ten, I think
  • Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills? bad
  • Comet Galaxy: Have you ever had to leave a relationship because someone changed too much? no
  • Pinwheel Galaxy: Would you date the last person you talked to? no
  • Sombrero Galaxy: Do you have a crush right now? sadly, yes
  • Bode’s Galaxy: Have you ever had a secret admirer? if I do, they are a secret from me.
  • Sunflower Galaxy: Would you date/make friends with someone out of pity? never
  • Tadpole Galaxy: Would you deny a relationship/friendship? I don’t think so, though I’m not sure I fully understand this question.
  • Whirlpool Galaxy: Have you ever cried over a breakup? no

Other stuff: Wishes

  • Comet: What’s your big dream? to be financially stable
  • Asteroid: What does your dream life look like? I live in my own apartment with my cat, and there’s a balcony that you can see the sun rise/set from. I have a job that doesn’t stress me out unnecessarily and let’s me take 3 day weekend occasionally to go surfing on the coast. I’m dating a guy that isn’t afraid to text back in less than 24 hours and who never gives me a reason to question his fidelity. I maintain a massive stationary collection and people actually write me back when I write them.
  • Meteor: What’s something you wish you could tell, but can’t? What people really think about one another based off of what they’ve told me about each other.
  • Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be? I would’ve waited a year to go to college.
  • Shooting Star: If you could bring back one thing, what would it be? my grandma
  • Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years? visit Europe
  • Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die? see the Norther Lights
  • Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be? if I never get married, I would’t mind living with/near my brothers.
  • Wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t? me growing taller
  • Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see? a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic

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