Trigger me this.

Triggers are a real, and sometimes dangerous, thing. Epileptics can have a seizure triggered by a flashing light and war veterans can be thrown back into battle with the sound of a car backfiring. There can also be triggers in every day life, such as someone saying a phrase you overhear way too often, or it’s something that your parents say too often and just the repetition of it goes straight to the dark, angry part of your brain.

Through out this foray into acting, I have definitely discovered my triggers. It helps me a little bit if I talk about them and how they affect me.

  1. Being called ‘adorable’. I’m not entirely sure why this bothers me so much, but maybe it’s because I’m 28 and feel as if adorable shouldn’t apply to someone who is nearer to 30 than 20.
  2. Any mention to my weight. I only talk to my doctor about my weight. That’s it. No one else gets to talk to me about it. Period.

I’m surprised there are only two. I feel like there should be more of them? But I can’t think of any at the moment. However, those are easily the two big ones.

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