Questions – Part 3

“Here is a set of random questions for women, conveniently categorized.” Source: thecaffeinatedkansasbabe

1. Do you like the color pink? In very small doses.
2. Did you play with Barbie dolls as a child? I did, and often.
3. How easily do you cry? Way, way too easily.
4. What food do you eat the most of when you’re sad? Bread. Definitely bread.
5. How often do you experience boob sweat? Not very often! Which is surprising, honestly.
6. How moody are you when you are you are on your period? The days before are the worst. But once it actually starts, I’m not that terrible of a monster anymore.
7. Have you ever thought you were pregnant because your period was late? No.
8. Have you ever been on the pill? Yes.
9. Would you ever want to have children someday? Probably.
10. Have you ever given birth? If not, would you ever want to? No, and maybe one day.
11. How good of a cook do you consider yourself? I’m adequate. I won’t ever unintentionally poison someone.
12. What is your favorite thing to cook? I like to bake things. 🙂
13. Can you sew? I sure can! My grandma taught me.
14. Do you consider yourself a feminist? Yes, I’m all for equality.
15. How do you define “girl power?” When Storm in X-Men sends lightning at people.
16. Have you ever wished you were born a male? Sometimes when I’m on my period. :/
17. Breastfeeding or formula? I… have no idea.
18. What is your opinion of equal pay? That it should be equal…?
19. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Pro choice
20. Have you ever experienced any sexism? If so, please explain. In softball, actually. It’s not easy to explain how it happens, but there’s a mentality that women are just ‘weaker’ players.
21. What is one thing about women you think most men don’t know? We are not as complicated as you think we are.
22. Complete this phrase: I’m so glad I’m a woman because______. I get to have great, genuine friendships with other women and not have to worry about if someone will think I’m trying to date them.

23. Have you ever been a Girl Scout? I have.
24. Have you ever been a ballerina? No.
25. Have you ever been a cheerleader? No.
26. Were you ever voted as a homecoming or prom queen? No.
27. Have you ever hosted a sleepover? Yes, a long time ago.
28. Do you belong to a sorority? No.
29. Have you ever kept a diary or a journal? I did when I was younger, until my brother confessed he read it.
30. American ladies: did you vote for Hillary Clinton? I did.

31. What is the longest your hair has ever been? The middle of my back.
32. Have you ever cut your hair super short? No, I don’t think I have the face for it.
33. What hairstyle do you wear the most? Shoulder-length, long layered.
34. Have you ever dyed your hair? Once. NEVER AGAIN.
35. What is the heaviest you have ever weighed? 265lbs. NEVER AGAIN.
36. How muscular are you? I’ve got enough muscles.
37. Are your ears pierced? Yes.
38. Do you have any piercings anywhere besides your ears? No.
39. Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where? None.
40. How often do you wear lipstick or lipgloss? Not that often. I’ll wear chapstick in the winter, but that’s usually it.
41. How often do you paint your nails? Not often at all.
42. Have you ever worn any fake eyelashes or fake nails? Yes to both.
43. How often do you shave/wax your legs? Maybe once a week.
44. How white are your teeth? Fairly white. I try to take good care of them.
45. What do you think is your best physical feature? My eyes.
46. What do you think is your worst physical feature? My weight.
47. Do you have a “look” (i.e. a mad/annoyed/upset stare)? Hahaha, yes. Angry, a lot.
48. How good are you at communicating through facial expressions? Apparently, I do it all the time without realizing.

49. What is your favorite fashion brand? I no longer stay loyal to a brand. There’s no point.
50. Do you wear skirts and dresses at all? If so, how often? I wear them usually just for special occasions.
51. What is your dress size? And I was actually enjoying filling this out…
52. Do you wear any high heels or stilettos at all? If so, how often? I wear heels occasionally, probably with the same frequency that I wear dresses.
53. Have you ever worn high heels casually? If this asking like to just the grocery store, no.
54. How often do you wear a bra? Every day.
55. Does it matter if your bra and panties match or not? It’s not imperative for me to get out the door, but it’s cute when they do.
56. Which are you more likely to go without: a bra or panties? Neither…?
57. How much of your underwear is white? None of it.
58. Have you ever worn a skirt or a dress without any panties underneath? No.
59. What is the shortest length of skirts and dresses you are comfortable wearing? To just above my knee.
60. How expensive was your prom dress? I never went to prom.
61. What clothing item do you own the most of (if shirts, be specific to what kind)? Workout tank tops.
62. How much jewelry do you typically wear? Earrings, a ring.
63. How much makeup do you typically wear? It really depends on what I’m doing. I wear nothing to the gym. To work, usually it’s just eyeshadow/mascara. It escalates from there.
64. Do you like eyeshadow? Yeah, it’s fine.
65. Do you carry a purse? Yes.
66. What is your preferred way to carry a purse: In your hand, on your elbow, or on your elbow? Neither. I usually use a crossbody strap.
67. How big is your closet? It’s pretty big! I have a walk-in now.
68. Have you ever looked through your closet an thought “I have nothing to wear”? YES.
69. Have you ever worn the same outfit more than once? Of course.
70. One-piece swimsuits or bikinis? Bikinis
71. Have you ever worn a mismatched bikini? Technically yes. Usually one piece is a solid color and the other is a pattern that matches the solid color.
72. Do you like tube and halter tops? No.
73. Do you like crop tops? No.
74. Are you comfortable showing off a little cleavage? For me, it’s inevitable sometimes.

75. Have you ever been a bridesmaid? Yes.
76. Would you ever want to get married? Probably one day.
77. For how long have you thought about your wedding? I think of it once in a while, usually when I’m on Pinterest and something catches my eye.
78. How much of your wedding do you already have planned out? None of it.
79. Indoor or outdoor wedding? Indoor. This is Florida.
80. Would you want to have a lot of bridesmaids or just a couple? Depends on the groom.

81. What is your current relationship status? single
82. Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? haha, probably.
83. Are you a virgin? If not, which gender did you lose your virginity to? A man wrote these questions.
84. What personality trait are you most attracted to? Intelligence.
85. Have you ever been on a blind date? I have.
86. Has anyone ever tried to set you up on a date? They have.
87. Do you kiss on a first date? Generally, no.
88. How often do guys hit on you? Well, my RBF tends to be a deterrent, but it happens once in a while.
89. Have you ever kissed another woman? If so, did you like it? I did, in an acting class. It didn’t feel like anything.
90. Have you ever dated another woman? No.
91. Is sex before marriage wrong? I personally don’t care either way and I don’t see why my opinion should matter.
92. After how long would you start to consider a relationship to be serious? I think that depends on the people involved. Every relationship begins differently.
93. Would you rather your lover give you chocolate or flowers? Flowers.

94. What celebrity do you most admire? Chris Evans.
95. Do you like romantic comedies? Any favorites? I do, sometimes. 13 going on 30 is one of my favs.
96. Do you have a favorite romantic movie? My first thought was Pride & Prejudice, so we’ll go with that.
97. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Cinderella.
98. What is your favorite Disney song? Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book
99. Do you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? No.
100. Have you ever watched Sex & The City? No.
101. Have you ever watched any shows such as Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model? No.
102. Do you read romantic novels? If so, do you have any recommendations? I have read them and I don’t have any recommendations.
103. Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Beyonce
104. Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres? Oprah

105. Are you named after anyone? Not specifically.
106. How many male friends do you have? Quite a few.
107. Have you ever called your female friends your girlfriends? No.
108. Have you ever called a non-lover a term such as honey, dear, babe, or darling? Haha, yes. My roommate and I do that.
109. Have you ever dotted your I’s with a heart or a smiley face? No.
110. How many items do you own that are of a floral print design? A couple. I have a cute notebook with a floral pattern on it.
111. Name five things you always have in your purse. Glasses case, hand sanitizer, wallet, phone, and a pen.
112. Have you ever lost anything inside your purse? Yes.
113. Have you ever carried a spare pair of underwear with you in your purse? No.
114. What is the most amount of money you’ve ever spent in one single shopping trip? Over $1k, when I bought a brand new laptop.
115. Do you consider shopping a sport? No.
116. Have you ever used your cleavage or a bra as a purse? I have before.
117. Coffee or tea? Neither.
118. Can you do the splits? No.
119. Do you do any yoga? I do!
120. Have you ever been told that to have cute handwriting? All. The. Time.
121. How well can you write in cursive? Very, very well.
122. Have you ever successfully been on a diet? I’m one now and it’s going pretty well.
123. Do you or have you ever belonged to a book club? No.
124. Have you ever talked yourself out of a driving ticket by using your looks? No.
125. Have you ever drank a non-alcoholic beverage out of a wine glass? Yes.
126. Showers or baths? Yes to both.
127. Have you ever tried using a toilet while standing up? No.
128. Have you ever been considered the mother of your group of friends? No.
129. Do you own any sex toys? Actually…

130. From 1-10, how feminine do you consider yourself? 7
131. From 1-10, how much are you like your mother? 8
132. From 1-10, how much do you look like your mother? 3
133. From 1-10, how much are you like your father? 5
134. From 1-10, how polite are you? 6
135. From 1-10, how cute do you consider your laugh? 2
136. From 1-10, how strict are you about manners? 5
137. From 1-10, how much of a neat freak are you? 7
138. From 1-10, how much of a hopeless romantic are you? 9
139. From 1- 10, how healthy do you eat? 7
140. From 1-10, how much do you like decorating for holidays? 8

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