Questions – Part 4

  1. What did I learn last week? I learned that I am much better at losing than I was when I was younger. I’ve played softball since I was 11, and when I struck out or lost a game as a child, I would cry. I would take it incredibly personal and internalize that loss. This past week, I had a game on Tuesday and Wednesday and lost both games. I reflected that I played the best game I could, that I was a good team player, and that I did no harm to others. If that’s not self-improvement, I don’t know what it.
  2. What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week? I acquired a French horn this past Tuesday! I’d only had it in my mind that I wanted to start playing again since I saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame a week before that, so I’m impressed with myself that I accomplished exactly what I set out to do so quickly. Now, I just wait to begin lessons!
  3. Which moment from the last week was the most memorable and why? I’d have to say when I had dinner with Lindsi on Friday night. I was feeling a bit twisted up inside and she essentially dropped everything to hang out with me for a couple hours. That made such an impression on me. She also gives great advice, even when I don’t want to hear it.
  4. What’s the number one thing I need to accomplish this week? I immediately thought of my fitness goals and getting the gym at least 3 times this week, and going on my almost-daily walk as often as possible. I’m almost afraid to say that I feel like I can see results, but that could be wishful thinking. I’ll wait until someone says something, because that’s when you  know.
  5. What can I do right now to make the week less stressful? Get my laundry done and organize the filing cabinet that I haven’t touched since I moved back in November. I have a three day holiday starting tomorrow so no excuses!
  6. What have I struggled with in the past that might affect the upcoming week? My eating habits. I’m not as terrible as I might initially make it sound like when it comes to what I eat, but I am easily swayed by what others are doing. If I lived alone and spoke to no one, I would probably eat very, very clean. But I have a roommate. And friends who care about me and ask me places. So I give in to whatever is brought home or what others are ordering around me. I need to wrestle with my impulse control and not eat the cookies and various chocolate things that are left out for anyone to consume.
  7. What was the last week’s biggest time sink? NETFLIX. I have this mindless habit of turning on Netflix as soon as I get home from work. I toss my purse and lunch bag on to the dining room table, kick off my shoes, and zone out for a few episodes. It pushes everything I want to get done that evening back a couple hours and I hate it.
  8. Am I carrying any excess baggage into the week that can be dropped? Yes. Unequivocally yes. This recent… obsession with a particular person is going to ruin my life soon if I can’t compartmentalize it into what it really is: pure fantasy. My conversation with Lindsi has helped this, but I need to channel this preoccupation into my workouts. I need to expand this next week’s goal into attempting to literally sweat out my infatuation because good grief, this is ridiculous.
  9. What have I been avoiding that needs to get done? The filing cabinet, dear Lord. When I moved into my apartment, my parents gave me this really nice side table that is also a well disguised filing cabinet. However, I have severely neglected transferring all my current important documents from a gray, dusty, portable mini-filing cabinet into this nice, real-wood, adult filing cabinet. Ugh. I WILL do it this week.
  10. What opportunities are still on the table? The only thing that comes to mind is setting up my horn lessons. I’ve kind of been playing phone tag with the coordinator so there isn’t a date or time firmly set yet as to when I’ll begin. Another project for this week.
  11. Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to talk to? See #8. If I were a more confident woman, I would talk to that person. But I can only set so many goals in one week, and I’m terrified of rejection so there’s also that holding me back. Maybe one day?
  12. Is there anyone that deserves a big thank you? Lindsi, always Lindsi. We’ve known each other for quite a while, but it’s only been in the last couple years that we’ve become great friends. And now that she lives ten minutes away from me, it’s only gotten better!
  13. How can I help someone else this coming week? There are two people that could benefit from me, if possible. Alexis just moved near me a few days ago, and he may need help with that. Also, my roommate Laura. She’s so busy and rather stressed out all the time, and maybe anything I can do to help that? Dishes, laundry, cleaning chores, etc. I mean, I have THREE days off. I can do something.
  14. What are my top three goals for the next three years? 
    1. Improve my health so that I can get off the majority of the medications I’m on.
    2. Transfer within OCSO to a more specialized position.
    3. Maintain a romantic relationship for at least six months.
  15. Have any of my recent actions moved me closer to my goals? Definitely yes to number one. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and more consistently to get there. Number 2 is a no because I’m not out of my 2-year probation period yet. And 3… also a no.
  16. What’s the next step for each goal? 
    1. More meal prep, stick to work out routines, don’t get sidetracked.
    2. Keep my job. 🙂
    3. I honestly don’t know.
  17. What am I looking forward to this upcoming week? I’ve got three days off, and there’s going to be a high of 87, so hopefully a couple hours at the pool one of those days. I’d also like to see Black Panther on Tuesday. I’m planning on Pizza Thursday with Alexis and Lindsi. Two softball games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and maybe my first horn lesson on Tuesday if possible. I’ve got a lot going on and I’m excited!
  18. What are my fears? That I’ll ‘relapse’ and give up on number 1 and that it’s actually impossible for me to change. Honestly, I’m afraid I’ll always be the duff in my group of friends, the single one, and at this rate, the very last one to get married.(If ever.) Though I’m realizing that may have some benefits in the end.
  19. What am I most grateful for? MY JOB. I love my job, where I work, who I work with, my hours, the benefits, all of it. Could the pay be a bit better? Yes, but as part of my number 2 long term goal, that will improve with time. I’m also grateful for my health. My doctor says that despite my size, my joints are in good shape, my heart is good, I don’t have any terrible habits like smoking or drinking, and I’m overall healthy. And last but certainly not least, my parents. Since I’ve moved out, I actually get along with my parents 100x better. They don’t live far away so I still go over there and see them sometimes. I realized that my parents are getting older, and I honestly need to cherish every moment I have with them.
  20. If I knew I only had one week to live, who would I spend my time with? My parents. My brothers. A few close friends from Art’s Sake. My cousin Cheryl. I’d find a way to call the person from #8 and just confess everything, knowing there wouldn’t be time to really feel any rejection/elation.


Source: Tom Beal: Taking Your Life & Results to New Heights

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